Business Networking

Relationship Capital: What is the value of your network? Value-membership: The challenge for professional bodies, associations and support groups

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Personal Branding

Personal branding is the art of attracting and keeping more clients by actively shaping public perception.

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Endless Refferals

Referral marketing can be described as the “science” and practice of initiating, developing and maintaining deep trusting relationships to create business success.

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In the 21st Century, everyone has to be wealthy in ‘Relationship Capital’, a rich body of associates and contacts that you can bring to bear on any problem.

Karl Smith & Associates work throughout Africa with financial professionals including  FINANCIAL PLANNERS, FINANCIAL ADVISORS, ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS, INVESTMENT BANKERS as well other service professionals such as ESTATE AGENTS, ATTORNEYS, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS and  SENIOR EXECUTIVES like you – great at what you do BUT wanting to ‘stand out’ more and sell yourself, your ideas and your services much better!

All of Karl’s work is dedicated to helping you become powerfully CONNECTED, extremely VALUABLE, authentically INFLUENCIAL and highly VISIBLE with all the right people.

His books, training and speeches will make you the compelling ‘go to’ choice and influential ‘player’ in your space.  When you work with Karl and associates, you’ll get magic words and killer scripts, cutting-edge fast-track networking, personal branding, referral, strategies, brilliant communication secrets and powerful profile raising techniques so you…

tickBecome known by more of the right people – a ‘go to’ REPUTATION.
tickPromote and position yourself to make people come to you FIRST.
tickBuild and leverage a powerful NETWORK at a much more senior level.
tickIncrease referrals and introductions to professionals and QUALITY PROSPECTS.
tickGet much MORE out of networking events, association gatherings and conferences
tickLower the cost of MARKETING.
tickFind jobs and business OPPORTUNITIES
tickDEVELOP ADVOCATES within related organisations and industries.
tickLower the cost of doing business by building high-trust business relationships.
tickRealize your POTENTIAL.
tickIncrease bottom line REVENUE.

Karl wants you to know that when you choose him, you won’t be getting a vanilla sugar cookie. You will, however, get a very funny, knowledgeable, compassionate and passionate performer who hits his mark every time and leaves his audiences a little smarter, much more alive and thinking a heck of a lot bigger about who they are and what they offer the world.

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