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Africa’s Leading Voice for Authentic Business Networking, Word-of-Mouth Referrals, High-Trust Business Relationships, Winning Personal Brands & Personal Excellence.

Business Networking South Africa (BNSA) is a specialist speaking, training, coaching and consulting company based in South Africa that pioneered the initiative to teach professionals and organisations to succeed through authentic networking, high-trust business relationships, trust-based referrals, winning personal brands and personal excellence.

The company was founded in 2006 by internationally renowned networking and business relationship building expert, Karl Smith.

Initially, Karl’s love affair with the self studying of “business networking and business relationships” started in 2000 when he stumbled upon the work of Dave Sherman, “The Networking GUY” in the USA.  Karl delivered his first networking presentation in 2004 to trainee accountants with encouraging feedback.

quote-1His continued research, deep self-reflection, audience feedback and limited funding to market his own business soon revealed that it takes much more than tips such as “always have business cards” and “give  firm handshakes” to build profitable business relationships. BNSA understands that in the 21st Century, everyone has to be wealthy in Relationship Capital, a rich body of associates and contacts that you can bring to bear on any problem.

In a world of increasing commoditization, the depth of relationships is the only way to connect with new markets and new clients, grow profitable customers, protect margins, execute strategic plans, work effectively within organisations, accelerate career advancement, derive real joy from work and move your business forward. Yet most of us don’t spend enough time building, nurturing and quantifying the key personal, functional and strategic relationships we need to achieve success.

We are convinced that outdated philosophies, systems and practices of the Industrial Economy are no longer relevant in The Network Economy (popularly known to as The Knowledge Economy). What are some of the characteristics of The Network Economy?

  • Like it or not, power is shifting to the individual
  • Brands preach while consumers connect
  • Networks provide unsolicited benevolence which brands cannot understand
  • Social software is revolutionising people’s behaviour
  • Trust is emerging as the defining characteristic of that new behaviour, creating very different organisational forms

We believe that the future socio-economic prosperity of Africa requires:

  • networking and relationship building training
  • authentic leadership and management training and coaching
  • collaboration and partnerships to accelerate market entrance, growth and delivery

We are inspired by research which proves that Relationship and Reputation Capital as well as Personal Brand Equity can contribute to sustained performance in achieving personal and organisational goals.

We believe that authentic networking and trust-based relationship building training should become a key component of tertiary education, leadership schools, company induction and networking membership training programmes to maximize the opportunities offered by the rich diversity of South Africans, other Africans and the rest of the global community.

We intend to continue to champion these goals, while working toward providing some of the inputs and impetus required. We do this through local and international partners, public education and innovative product delivery mechanisms. We have no doubt that many small businesses and independent consulting agents fail because of a lack of networking, referral and relationship building training.

As part of a programme of making fundamental knowledge and skills available to small business people and individual entrepreneurs, BNSA provides low-cost public workshops and offer special rates to small business organisations. The programmes are founded on a set of core values and principles – integrity, credibility, trust, honesty, ethics and reciprocity – that inform a set of basic themes that, in turn, support several desired outcomes.

How we give back

Every person influences children. We support Precious Angels – a nonprofit organization in Mannenberg , a suburb on the Cape Flats of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. We do this through raising funds, availing our time and expertise and leveraging our amazing network of associates and clients.  For more information, click here. http://www.preciousangels.co.za/

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